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Welding another rubber seam on a EPDM white rubber roof. We have been in the commercial and industrial roofing business for decades and remain the only locally owned roofing business in the Grand Forks region.

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Specializing in commercial re-roofing and new construction (at this time we do not re-roof residential shingle roofing projects).

C.L Linfoot Co. has the expertise to do the job right and provide you with the service you expect at a competitive price.

C.L. Linfoot Co. specializes in roofs for commercial, government, and educational factilites. We install the best possible roof in every situation. A good roof is important because a leaky one causes:

  • Structural decay
  • Damage to insulation resulting in replacement or less efficient insulating
  • Damage to inventory and equipment
  • Damage to interior surfaces (ceiling tiles, electrical fixtures, walls, etc.)

The types of roofs that we install include:

Metal Roof and Wall Panels
The panels are available in a variety of colors and can be formed to any roofline or building. Metal roofs are suitable for steeply sloped roofs. No maintenance is required.

Single Ply EPDM
EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer) is a rubber like membrane which is applied to low slope or flat roofs. It is resistant to UV rays and is capable of expanding and contracting with the seasons. EPDM is available in 45 and 60 mil thicknesses and can be reinforced or (more commonly) non-reinforced. EPDM may be attached by ballasting using smooth river rock, mechanically attaching, or fully adhering. The average life span of a single ply roof is 20-40 years, and should have an annual inspection.

The VersiWeld Fully Adhered Roofing System incorporates maximum 12′ wide white, gray or tan 45 or 60 mil thick scrim-reinforced VersiWeld Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) membrane. Versico Insulation is mechanically attached to the roof deck or secured with DASH Adhesive and the membrane is fully adhered to the insulation with the appropriate VersiWeld Bonding Adhesive. Adjoining sheets of membrane are overlapped approximately 2″ and joined together with a minimum 1-1/2″ wide heat weld.

C.L. Linfoot Co. is an authorized Versico installer.

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