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As you drive around town, do you ever take a look at the buildings that you see, and wonder who is responsible for constructing them?


Although you can’t really see the roofs of most businesses, the roof is one of the most important parts of a building. Without a good roof, you will experience roof leaks, and subsequently, structural decay. Here is a sampling of roofing projects that we have completed lately.


Sitting in a restaurant, strolling through the mall, or attending your favorite sporting event, do you ever notice that it’s drafty or too cold, too warm or too humid? Have you ever sat in a restaurant and wished the air quality was better? Well, these are all functions of an HVAC system. A properly installed and maintained HVAC system will keep you comfortable so you WON’T notice the quality of your indoor air.


A furnace is one of those things that everyone has, but most of us really don’t know that much about it. Odds are good that when you visit a friend’s home, conversation does not venture into, “so, who installed your furnace?” very often! Well, perhaps it should, especially if you are considering a new system for yourself. We have had many satisfied customers throughout the years, and our list is growing.


Combining contempory design with traditional style, Lennox fireplaces enhance virtually any home’s decor. No matter which model you choose, the impression is one of clean, classic lines. And, because these fireplaces have both top and rear direct-vent outlets, they offer lots of venting choices and tremendous flexibility. Lennox fireplaces are the perfect choice for any home!

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